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===Consumables Cost===
===Consumables Cost===
===Waste Disposal Costs===
===Waste Disposal Costs===
=Fixed Cost of Production=
==Fixed Cost of Production==
==Estimating Fixed Production Costs==
===Estimating Fixed Production Costs===
===Labor Costs===
====Labor Costs====
===Maintenance Costs===
====Maintenance Costs====
===Land, Rent, Taxes===
====Land, Rent, Taxes====
===Interest Payments===
====Interest Payments====
===Corporate Overhead===
====Corporate Overhead====
===Licensing and Royalties===
====Licensing and Royalties====
==By-Product Revenues==
===By-Product Revenues===
=Pricing Products and Raw Materials=
==Pricing Products and Raw Materials==
==Pricing Fundamentals==
===Pricing Fundamentals===
==Price data Sources==
===Price data Sources===
===Internal Company Forecasts===
====Internal Company Forecasts====
===Trade Journals===
====Trade Journals====
===Online Brokers and Suppliers===
====Online Brokers and Suppliers====
===Reference Books===
====Reference Books====
==Price Forecasting==
===Price Forecasting===

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Variable Cost of Production

Estimating Variable Production Costs

Raw Materials Cost

Utilities Cost

Consumables Cost

Waste Disposal Costs

Fixed Cost of Production

Estimating Fixed Production Costs

Labor Costs

Maintenance Costs

Land, Rent, Taxes


Interest Payments

Corporate Overhead

Licensing and Royalties


By-Product Revenues



Pricing Products and Raw Materials

Pricing Fundamentals

Price data Sources

Internal Company Forecasts

Trade Journals


Online Brokers and Suppliers

Reference Books

Price Forecasting