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====Maintenance Costs====
====Maintenance Costs====
Part of these costs are associated with labor and materials necessary to maintain plant production [6].

====Land, Rent, Taxes====
====Land, Rent, Taxes====

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Variable Cost of Production

Estimating Variable Production Costs

Raw Materials Cost

These are the costs of chemical feed stocks required by the process. Feed stocks flow rates are obtained from PFD [6].

Utilities Cost

These are the costs of the various utilities streams required by the process. The flowrates for the utilities streams are located on the PFD [6]. This includes:

  • Fuel gas, oil, or coal
  • Electric power
  • Steam
  • Cooling water
  • Process water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Air
  • Inert gas
  • Refrigeration

Consumables Cost

Waste Disposal Costs

These are defined as the cost of waste treatment to protect the environment [6].

Fixed Cost of Production

Estimating Fixed Production Costs

Labor Costs

These are the costs attributed to the personnel required to operate the process plant [6].

Maintenance Costs

Part of these costs are associated with labor and materials necessary to maintain plant production [6].

Land, Rent, Taxes


Interest Payments

Corporate Overhead

Licensing and Royalties


By-Product Revenues



Pricing Products and Raw Materials

Pricing Fundamentals

Price data Sources

Internal Company Forecasts

Trade Journals


Online Brokers and Suppliers

Reference Books

Price Forecasting


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