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=Chemical Process Design Projects=
=Process Design Projects=

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Welcome to the Northwestern University Chemical Engineering Process Design Open Textbook.
This electronic textbook is a student-contributed open-source text covering the materials used in our senior capstone design courses at Northwestern University.

If you would like to suggest changes to these pages, please email you[at]northwestern.edu .

Northwestern University Chemical Process Design Open Text Book


Chemical Process Design Theory and Method

Sensors and Actuators

  1. Control Systems: Measurement devices
  2. Temperature sensors
  3. Pressure sensors
  4. Level sensors
  5. Flow sensors
  6. Composition sensors
  7. pH and viscosity sensors
  8. Miscellaneous sensors
  9. Valves: types, kinds, and selection
  10. Valves: modeling dynamics

More information on sensors and actuators at ECOSSE

Modeling Case Studies

  1. Surge tank model
  2. Heated surge tank see also ECOSSE
  3. Bacterial chemostat
  4. ODE & Excel CSTR model w/ heat exchange
  5. ODE & Excel model of a simple distillation column
  6. ODE & Excel model of a heat exchanger
  7. ODE & Excel model of an adiabatic PFR
  8. Cruise control for an electric vehicle
  9. Blood Glucose Control in Diabetic Patients

More information on chemical process modeling in general at ECOSSE example 1 and ECOSSE example 2

Process Design Projects

Mathematics for Control Systems

  1. Dirac delta (impulse) function (10/09)
  2. First-order differential equations (12/14/09)
  3. Second-order differential equations (10/13)
  4. Taylor Series
  5. Laplace Transforms

MIMO Control

  1. Determining if a system can be decoupled
  2. MIMO control using RGA see also ECOSSE
  3. MIMO using model predictive control
  4. Neural Networks for automatic model construction
  5. Understanding MIMO Control Through Two Tanks Interaction

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started