Mixer and Splitter

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Author: Nicklaus Dotzenrod [2015]

Stewards: Jian Gong and Fengqi You


The production of products from chemical processing plants usually involve a variety of mechanical equipment. Distillation columns, reactors, heaters and condensers are some of the most prominent pieces of equipment utilized at production facilities. Mixers and splitters, however, are equally important and play crucial roles in many different types of processes.


Mixers play an important role in many different production processes, at the beginning or at the end. Some processes require several feed streams to be properly mixed before a reaction is commenced in a reactor. Other processes require that final products are blended together. Mixers serve to achieve both of these roles. Materials in all physical states are capable of being mixed together, whether it is gas mixing, liquid mixing, gas-liquid mixing or solid-liquid mixing.